Gladkillin’ It

Gladkill’s fun new album is definitely killin’ it. Sparkly beeps which I love, claps and wind chimes in Ether, I totally forgot about wind chimes. This ep is slow and trappy definitely has a different sound that his more housy tracks from earlier in the year. there’s so much good music going on this weekend in LA including his album release party tonight at Park Plaza Hotel with a few other great Oakland and LA artists Sik Van Dyke, DAILON, Noncoding, Penthouse, Beshken I will probably be dancing for 48 hours straight, yeayuh!


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I think that’s the sound I made after listening to this glorious mini mixtape by Trolley Snatcha. We know I love Trolley man, so I was pretty stoked to see this shit pop up in my SD stream.  Perfect timing too because today is a rare gray day in sunny LA and I was feelin’ all “boohoo, I think I have to wear long sleeves today”. But then I listened to this mix and jammed out in my room til I was pretty sure the temperature reached “bikini-worthy”. Primal snarl at 14.43 has my stamp of approval. +10

My one complaint: It’s too short. (THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!!!)

It hits hard and grimy and sweaty. I wanna see you get inappropriate.


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Mix Cake

Imma call this a Mix Cake instead of mixtape because it’s so freakin sweet (HAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

…No but seriously you guys.  There is nothing more perfect for the morning, or the afternoon, or the evening, than this mixtape.  Boogaluke has an incredible mixing style with a ridiculously epic flow throughout.  We’ve got a sexy theme consistent swirled up with grunt and purr worthy moments, switching up to glitchy pops then takin us down a smooth waterslide of RnB and when you get to the bottom he PUNCHES YOU IN THE FACE WITH EPIC.

HANDS. DOWN.  MY NEW FAV MIX TAPE! You will be getting animal to this.  He’s that good new new, follow him NOW!

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Mixtape me anotha

yyyyyYYYYYYYESSSSSssss!  Stephan threw a mixtape on your face!!!  It’s been a minute now since we’ve gotten more than 3 minutes of Jacobs juicyness.  Obviously it’s taken quite a while to get a mixtape of this caliber.  This mix takes you from grimy Dutch house to bass to trap to you name it, with highlights of hip hop making this musical journey extra super duper womp womp danceable.

I’ve been a fan of Stephan ever since I heard his remix of Gui Boratto’s “No Turning back”.   When I first heard it, I thought my heart was going to break or burst out of my chest or ears or ANYwhere! The emotion was just overwhelming and to this day when I play it I still feel it just as hard as the first time.  To me, this is the reason music exists.


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