Smiling Satyr

The first time I saw Cualli at Envision in Costa Rica, I had no idea who he was.  I was just at this stage at some point in the day, not really knowing where’d I’d been or where I was going (as most common with most festivals) and the most uplifting mystical music started soaring over the crowd.  Aside from Buffalo Child, I hadn’t seen the crowd go this nuts before at this particular festival.  Everywhere I looked I saw smiling faces and pure joy just crackling through the air.  Even though I was severely exhausted and felt like I could barely keep my eyes open, I couldn’t stop dancing! His music just pours glowing energy into your veins.

I love the flute in this one, makes me feel like we should be dancing barefoot by a fire under a full moon with a crazy satyr just rockin it!  The positive vibes of this song are contagious and powerful that are well crafted to build and flourish til the very end.

Give us a smile!


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Lucky One

OoooOOOOooooOOO!! I squealed when I heard this one. It’s so shiny and sparkley!  …I don’t know if it’s possible for a song to be such a thing, but I swear, this song just shimmers.  It’s definitely a bit on the fem side I’d say, sorry dudes but I’m not sure you’re gonna dig the mega pitched vocals (but I don’t care. SORRYYYYYYY!!!!!)

I’m so in love with the chill vibe, sexy bass and all around sparkles, but also it kinda crushes my heart. There’s a lot of emotion captured with the echoey notes, reverberating bass and that “underwater” effect at 2.49… ugh, SO perfect.


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