Instant Hit

Are you ready for a pillow fight? Are you ready for slow mo images of hipster girls doing things like whipping their hair around and blowing bubblegum? Maybe some shots of sneakers with high socks?  THEN GET READY FOR THIS SONG!!!! OH BOY I WANNA HAVE A SLUMBER PARTY!!!

This song is  upbeat, quirky and addictive as hell.  The playful lyrics work perfectly over that happy trappy beat that could easily make this song a big summer hit.  This duo from Seattle has got a confident grasp on balancing pop flavor with just enough chill feel-good vibe!

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Smiling Satyr

The first time I saw Cualli at Envision in Costa Rica, I had no idea who he was.  I was just at this stage at some point in the day, not really knowing where’d I’d been or where I was going (as most common with most festivals) and the most uplifting mystical music started soaring over the crowd.  Aside from Buffalo Child, I hadn’t seen the crowd go this nuts before at this particular festival.  Everywhere I looked I saw smiling faces and pure joy just crackling through the air.  Even though I was severely exhausted and felt like I could barely keep my eyes open, I couldn’t stop dancing! His music just pours glowing energy into your veins.

I love the flute in this one, makes me feel like we should be dancing barefoot by a fire under a full moon with a crazy satyr just rockin it!  The positive vibes of this song are contagious and powerful that are well crafted to build and flourish til the very end.

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