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Dimonds are a girl’s best friend

So, I admit, I’ve been a little late on the An-Ten-Nae train.  I only recently became hooked at Burning Man this past year.  It was the first night I arrived in Black Rock City so obviously I was obligated to see the sun rise!  And thank heaven almighty, because that’s when we stumbled upon An-Ten-Nae reigning mind melting bass upon the desert.  After dancing til I thought my legs were made of rainbow marshmellows, I stumbled over to my friend and screamed in her ear “WHODAFUQISTHIS?! WEGOTTAFINDOUT!” (I’m pretty sure I made her ear bleed. ) And the rest is history.

Now lucky for us, An-Ten-Nae isn’t a one trick pony.  Also part of LowRIDERz, a bassilicious trio, he has now teamed up with Releece to create…(drum roll pleeeease!)… Dimond Saints!

If you’re craving deep dark and ridiculously sexy bass with smooth grime then look no further! Dimond Saints has got that handled with remixes of Lorde, Florence, and my fav remix, Jaymes Young’s “Moondust”, each one taking you through a sultry aural journey.

In anticipation of their album release,  Shingetsu, this Saturday at Lure in Hollywood, I’ve chosen “The Rising” to give you a taste of what you are going to become addicted to.  I’m reeeeally feeling this one as it’s incredibly well crafted and makes me feel like I’m floating through space.

ALSO!!!! Super stoked to be LIVE PAINTING at this event!  I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold still long enough to put the brush to the canvas!  This is huge to me because I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve painted to An-Ten-Nae’s Medicine Crunk Mixtape and now I’ll be painting to Dimond Saints live.. can’t even describe how ridiculous this is!



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