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Give Us More

OOOHHHH the feeeEEEELZ!  Such beautiful feels for such a beautiful song.  First you got me hooked with that echoey chipmunk voice and melodic dubby feel, then you bust in with this dude’s glorious glorious voice preaching outstanding lyrics to live by? But wait there’s MORE! Now to contrast this glorious man voice we toss in Anna Yvette’s whispery swoons. DONE. I’m done.

This song has similar qualities to Seven Lions but isn’t a direct rip-off like so many other songs I’ve heard.  Skrux has enough of his own flavor to keep me and six thousand (and counting) other people listening.  GIVE US MORE SKRUX!!!!! Have a listen for yourself!

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Drift Away

This is a unique one!  We’ve got a catchy experimental-ish groove thing goin on in the beginning which caught my attention right off the bat.  Then a quick switch from light and catchy to dramatic emotion filled vocals at 1.06 and I was hooked.  (I could play that short clip on repeat for 3 hours probably definitely.) And immediately right back to a chill beat, but now I feel like it’s more thought provoking. Subtly, the two are artfully swirled together in this gorgeous combo of unique beauty.  Honestly, this song feels more like a work of art than anything else! So I can’t exactly put my finger on why, but I’m captivated with this mysterious drifting song.

….AND FREE DOWNLOAD!!! :Ekfjw;oiejfo;J#W@@!!!!!!:fijea;!

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90s Trap?!

Well aint DIS some shit?! Amazing shit!  Firstly, I love 90s music and I don’t care what anyone else says. Secondly, I love good remixes.

This is a glorious combo of both!! I’m really diggin that snake charmer sound thrown in there with an appropriate use of high hats. (Sometimes [mostofthetime] trap producers abuse the high hats and that crap just offends the senses. SUBTLETY my friends!!!) I also think it’s cool that they purposely included more than the chorus for lyrics, like many remixes tend to do.  It does the original more justice if you ask me.

On top of that, getting the free download bring’s your to Walu’s page which is a charity for improving the hygiene and sanitary conditions in Papua New Guinea’s coastal communities. HOLLA!!!

Golfer’s clap! Support and show love to some sweet beats!


Support Walu International:

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Dimonds are a girl’s best friend

So, I admit, I’ve been a little late on the An-Ten-Nae train.  I only recently became hooked at Burning Man this past year.  It was the first night I arrived in Black Rock City so obviously I was obligated to see the sun rise!  And thank heaven almighty, because that’s when we stumbled upon An-Ten-Nae reigning mind melting bass upon the desert.  After dancing til I thought my legs were made of rainbow marshmellows, I stumbled over to my friend and screamed in her ear “WHODAFUQISTHIS?! WEGOTTAFINDOUT!” (I’m pretty sure I made her ear bleed. ) And the rest is history.

Now lucky for us, An-Ten-Nae isn’t a one trick pony.  Also part of LowRIDERz, a bassilicious trio, he has now teamed up with Releece to create…(drum roll pleeeease!)… Dimond Saints!

If you’re craving deep dark and ridiculously sexy bass with smooth grime then look no further! Dimond Saints has got that handled with remixes of Lorde, Florence, and my fav remix, Jaymes Young’s “Moondust”, each one taking you through a sultry aural journey.

In anticipation of their album release,  Shingetsu, this Saturday at Lure in Hollywood, I’ve chosen “The Rising” to give you a taste of what you are going to become addicted to.  I’m reeeeally feeling this one as it’s incredibly well crafted and makes me feel like I’m floating through space.

ALSO!!!! Super stoked to be LIVE PAINTING at this event!  I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold still long enough to put the brush to the canvas!  This is huge to me because I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve painted to An-Ten-Nae’s Medicine Crunk Mixtape and now I’ll be painting to Dimond Saints live.. can’t even describe how ridiculous this is!



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