Don’t Bury This

An-Ten-Nae’s new group Dimond Saints, with Releece, is gonna rock your world with sultry sexy beats that you’ll have on repeat all. Day.  The thing that hooked me about this track is the crazy intense emotion they packed into it. Warning: You’ll maybe probably definitely get misty eyed.

I’m biting my nails off waiting for their first single + video to debut in 2 days, Jan 15th!

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A Dilllon Francis Remix

Solid beat, intense lasers and a ton of fun wobbly beeps. This is one you want to hear at a festival and would be lucky to hear out on the dance floor somewhere. Nice balance of drops set up by blending in strobing auto tuned vox, very cool. (2:30, 2:57-) The only thing I could ask for would be more of the grindy, growliness around 1:34.

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