I think that’s the sound I made after listening to this glorious mini mixtape by Trolley Snatcha. We know I love Trolley man, so I was pretty stoked to see this shit pop up in my SD stream.  Perfect timing too because today is a rare gray day in sunny LA and I was feelin’ all “boohoo, I think I have to wear long sleeves today”. But then I listened to this mix and jammed out in my room til I was pretty sure the temperature reached “bikini-worthy”. Primal snarl at 14.43 has my stamp of approval. +10

My one complaint: It’s too short. (THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!!!)

It hits hard and grimy and sweaty. I wanna see you get inappropriate.


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Breakfast: The Most Important Meal

I can’t speak high enough praises for Zack the Lad… going through his soundcloud was mind blowing, future, funk, trap, eclectic beats.. a whole range! I have no idea how this guy is sneaking by with anything less than 60k followers, with someone this good, There is just no way. So I figured he must be part of something else or someone sneaking around in disguise.   Turns out he is also Trolley Snatcha, who’s slangin some sweet beats too, with a much different dubby and bass style.  I am so impressed with this guy, I can’t even…

Just listen to the crafting and variation from song to song. I can’t pick one so I’ll post two, but after that you just MUST go stalk his soundcloud and don’t forget Trolley Snatcha too!! I would definitely put this guy in a burrito and have it for breakfast… whatever that means.



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