I think that’s the sound I made after listening to this glorious mini mixtape by Trolley Snatcha. We know I love Trolley man, so I was pretty stoked to see this shit pop up in my SD stream.  Perfect timing too because today is a rare gray day in sunny LA and I was feelin’ all “boohoo, I think I have to wear long sleeves today”. But then I listened to this mix and jammed out in my room til I was pretty sure the temperature reached “bikini-worthy”. Primal snarl at 14.43 has my stamp of approval. +10

My one complaint: It’s too short. (THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!!!)

It hits hard and grimy and sweaty. I wanna see you get inappropriate.


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Scare Me

I’m absolutely loving the eerie yet dancey vibe this beat is drummin’ to!  Being able to balance and blend unique sounds is a craft for sure and Rude Kid is damn good at it. That piano plus the gritty bass and subtle vocals? YES.

Going through his sounds he mixes in that sweet wubby wub with hip hop, bass, grime, darkness, and funk.  He has an edgy sound for sure, always creepin in with a dark undertone that makes you wanna slither on the dance floor. With the inflation of electronic music you really need a unique signature style to rise to the top and I can’t wait to see Rude Boy get there!

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Breakfast: The Most Important Meal

I can’t speak high enough praises for Zack the Lad… going through his soundcloud was mind blowing, future, funk, trap, eclectic beats.. a whole range! I have no idea how this guy is sneaking by with anything less than 60k followers, with someone this good, There is just no way. So I figured he must be part of something else or someone sneaking around in disguise.   Turns out he is also Trolley Snatcha, who’s slangin some sweet beats too, with a much different dubby and bass style.  I am so impressed with this guy, I can’t even…

Just listen to the crafting and variation from song to song. I can’t pick one so I’ll post two, but after that you just MUST go stalk his soundcloud and don’t forget Trolley Snatcha too!! I would definitely put this guy in a burrito and have it for breakfast… whatever that means.



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