No Sonic Boundaries

There’s nothing I love more than mixing a genre with electronic.  In this case Rell the Soundbender swirled in some Reggae and made a rather tasty cocktail of sounds!  And apparently, this is what Rell became known for.  He first became known for Moombahton and has since delved into trap, hip-hop, and house.  Seems like this guy can’t stop, won’t stop!

Take a peek

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Get The Fuck UP.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of Eat Sleep Rave Repeat… until I heard this dazzling remix by J Rhythm.  At 1:18 I just kind of had to jump out of my chair!

Luckily for us, J Rhythm is a SoCal native and is tearin’ up clubs all over town and it’s not hard to see why!  His mixes are definitely dance worthy and beyond. So be sure to stalk him and see him live and local:

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I am SO excited about this artist, Oiki out of Moscow Russia. All his tracks are creepy and great, but here’s his most spectacular, Groove. I can’t even express how ridiculously good this beat and exotic melody [.08 & .35] is. A perfect balance of hollowness and intricate layering. The windy howling/siren is captivating, you can hear it really well all through 40, before the claps start at .48.  Gun loading, shots and machine gun fire are icing, can’t get enough. Plus a bunch of other delicious little sounds tucked away here and there, slamming, shuffling footsteps, follow!

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