Lucky One

OoooOOOOooooOOO!! I squealed when I heard this one. It’s so shiny and sparkley!  …I don’t know if it’s possible for a song to be such a thing, but I swear, this song just shimmers.  It’s definitely a bit on the fem side I’d say, sorry dudes but I’m not sure you’re gonna dig the mega pitched vocals (but I don’t care. SORRYYYYYYY!!!!!)

I’m so in love with the chill vibe, sexy bass and all around sparkles, but also it kinda crushes my heart. There’s a lot of emotion captured with the echoey notes, reverberating bass and that “underwater” effect at 2.49… ugh, SO perfect.


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My Funeral

The Funeral, by Band of Horses is one of the most moving songs in the entire Universe.  Granted, I do say this about quite a few songs but seriously I mean it for this one!  And the only thing as good as The Funeral by Band of Horses, is the remix that Butch Clancy exploded my face off with…. until THIS.  THIS my friends… sounds like a glorious spawn between EMBRZ and Sound Remedy.  And actually, the bass has a hint of Bassnectar’s older stuff.  SUCH FEELS! SO BEAUTY!!!!!!! I want this played at my funeral just so everyone will cry a lot. (Because I am cruel and evil.)

I’m super impressed, with just over 1200 soundcloud followers and only 3 songs posted so far, they’ve got some real talent and I can’t wait to see where it goes!!!



And check it to Butch Clancy’s remix!

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INTERVIEW: Stephan Jacobs

So I finally got my greedy little paws on Stephan Jacobs, just in time for the release of his glorious remix of Gold Skies!  I must say, this is one of my all time favs of his. I first became of a fan of Stephan when a lot of his music was melodic bass and echoey voices, but since then he’s dabbled everywhere into house, trap, club bangers, and hybrids of everything in between.  This latest remix is just simply gorgeous… from the beautiful intro with haunting vocals, smooth riser and build to a shimmery explosion of emotion.  NAILED IT!!!!!!  When I first heard it in his studio pre-release, I thought my heart stopped.   This gloriousness premiered on The Untz a few days ago so check it out!

BUT! Who gets to barge into his studio and harass him for answers?!!?! IIIII DDDOOOOO!!!! So be sure to check that out and hear his thoughts on his latest and get a little insight on Bottle Service.  I did get to hear a little secret from him which is not included..but don’t you worry, you’ll find out soon enough. I’ll let you ponder about that… 😉



Rooftop of Stephan's studio

Rooftop of Stephan’s studio

Getting all up in his bubble!

Getting all up in his bubble!

The Untz:

Stephan Jacobs:
twitter/instagram: @Stephan_Jacobs

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Slum Love

Every now and then a song comes along that is SO gritty and SO grimy that it renders me catatonic on the floor with my face floating in a huge pool of my own drool.  I can’t get over it. Repeat for dayyyys son!!! This jam has such a beautiful flow to it, the mellow echoey beginning drifting into the hardest filth I’ve heard in a long ass time.  No build, no nothing. Talent, folks.

Thank you, Zeds Dead, for droppin this into your latest mix and gracing my ears.


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Pachuco Rises

Welpst, Epoch has done it again!! Another masterful remix which is just as epic as their last one, the freakin’ Lion King!  I’m really diggin the unique choices on songs. Aint no remixes of Ellie Goulding, James Blake or Lana del Rey here!  Not that there’s anything wrong with them, but it seems to be the common “thing” to do as a producer. Epoch’s recent developments are quite refreshing and I have a feeling we can expect more vibrant selections in the future. (Maybe My Little Pony???)

This remix is completely on point, keeping in line with the funky upbeat tempo and then those rich gritty grimy sounds beautifully swirled in! GET SWINGIN’!!!!!


Epoch Rises’ remix of “Hey Pachuco” from The Mask by Royal Crown Revue

Free Download:

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Don’t Interrupt This

Can we continue this blogging relationship, of you reading my drabble and me writing it, if I told you that I liked Kanye West’s music?  If the answer is no, then JAYKAY!!!!!! But if the answer is yes, pls keep reading.

See, it’s a remix so that makes it ok. And Milo & Otis took the catchiest and best parts of the original so you can pretend you don’t know the source! (I can find a loophole in ANYTHING I tell you.)

To be honest, it’s not too far off from the original but I’m definitely enjoying the trap and grime additions!!

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