Breathtakingly Breathless

I always take my hat off for a good remix.. I think it might seeeeeem like it should be easier to create, because you already have a foundation to work from, but in some ways it’s gotta be way harder because how do you break free from what’s already laid down and keep the parts that work?

So, I tip my hat to Regulator’s remix of Candyland’s, “Breathless”.  They added just enough bass and switched up the whole vibe of the song!  Candyland’s original is much more house-y and sweet, with a tropical island feel, which I’m cool with but I’m really feelin’ Regulator’s take on it.  The vocal warp, bassline and some tasteful high hats and claps, all work so well together .  The build and drop is heavier and has a sexy bite to it.  Definitely, breath-taking.

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Runnin’ Circles

Mat Zo got me runnin’ circles for this jam right here!  Seriously, the journey and layers in this song is just ridickillus!!  Leading with a simple lil high hat and drifting into a slow build he teases the shit outta you with drumz on drumz on drumz til he finally gifts you that snarling growling gritty bass that you are practically crying for at this point.  I know I was! (Seriously I think I was gripping my laptop with white knuckles and drooling on the mouse pad) And he hits you with that shit hard and fast just like you want it–BUT! I say BUT! He knows when to stop… to take it away dat throbbing bass and create a space to mellow you out with some heartfelt lyrics echoing into glitchy effects and runnin tha bass through your sexy earholes again.  For me, what sealed the deal and lit my cigarette were those sax-y synth sounds EXPLODING in at 3:20 for the grand finale.  I practically threw up.

Like always, Mat Zo is continuously experimenting with new sounds and genre-bending from one song to the next, and I am quite thrilled with his recent venture into heavy dubby bass!


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Saxy Tiiiiiime

Let’s get our tropical groove on!  But also, let’s be sorta sad while we get our tropical groove on.

That’s how this song makes me feel.  I think mixing a cheerful melody with sad lyrics or vice versa is pretty much the best and always will be.  We’ve got some feel-good tropical beats goin on here, with some delightful sax spinnin through it. THEN you layer on these heart breaking lyrics and vocals just oozing with hopelessness. I mean come ON… that filter at 3:31? I think my heart just melted out of my eyes.  So naturally you start sobbing, then the sax comes back and reminds you that life is just life and you know what, you’re gonna be just fine.

Another thing I really respect about this remix is how crazy different it is from the original.  The original is gorgeous, heavy and entirely somber.  How the hell did Thero hear this and go– “OO MAI GAWD! Do you know what would be sick with this?! A TROPICAL BEAT AND SAXOPHONE LETS DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  I still don’t know how he pulled it off, but he nailed it.


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Instant Hit

Are you ready for a pillow fight? Are you ready for slow mo images of hipster girls doing things like whipping their hair around and blowing bubblegum? Maybe some shots of sneakers with high socks?  THEN GET READY FOR THIS SONG!!!! OH BOY I WANNA HAVE A SLUMBER PARTY!!!

This song is  upbeat, quirky and addictive as hell.  The playful lyrics work perfectly over that happy trappy beat that could easily make this song a big summer hit.  This duo from Seattle has got a confident grasp on balancing pop flavor with just enough chill feel-good vibe!

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It’s Only Machinedrum

If I could pick one word to describe this song it would velvet.

It seems DJ Shadow requested this remix from Machinedrum, and now I feel I owe him my firstborn. This remix actually does the original major justice! I’m addicted to the dramatic intro leading into a tension perfectly created by the drums and soft sirens mingling together.  Machinedrum creates a hypnotic dark beat to mate with those foreboding lyrics we all know and love. Thus, an eerie velvety remix was born!! I think we need to start breeding excellent producers with more songs like that.  There are too many remixes out there that make me want to cry for the future of electronic music, while eating an entire pan of homemade brownies.

Let’s focus on the good, shall we?

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The Twerking Fox


This is a jam right here!!  The bouncy springy sound in this one would be sure to drive a crowd wild at a festival, I know I would absolutely lose my shit.  This would be a perfect song at the Do Lab stage at Coachella getting sprayed down by a hose and stomping in mud up to your thighs.  It requires getting low with a high potential for twerking.

(Don’t hate. Twerking is an art.)

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